• Who Else Wants To Start A Home Business That

    Does Not Require Members To Sell Or Recruit?

    Unless you outsource important tasks to people with talents, skills

    and resources you will be required to do the grunt work yourself.
    What if you could outsource a sales team (with a proven four-year

    track record) for a fee as low as $89? So you can devote more time
    to your family, travel, donate to good causes, become a homeowner
    or just have the time freedom you have
    been dreaming about?


    This is an A to Z done-for-you solution!

    The marketing team does the heavy lifting for

    you—so you can make money virtually handsfree!


    Direct mail is powerful again...It is more

    effective today than it has ever been.


    We are associated with a

    four-year-old company offering:

    • Digital education • E-commerce stores (fully
    loaded & earning substantial income) • Credit
    booster prepaid cards • Six levels of entry to
    accommodate most budgets • Company financing
    of marketing on your behalf (no out of pocket to you)


    Unless you want to jumpstart your business with additional
    mailings, you have no further out-of-pocket requirements
    than the fee for the package you choose. Sales from the
    company-financed 200-piece mailing will produce a profit
    for you—or you can request a refund of the money you put in.


    This is how our business works:

    1. You enroll at whatever level you choose. ✅2. The
    company up fronts your advertising for you. That means
    you can start without putting in any of your own money to
    advertise. ✅3. The company closes sales for you and pays
    you commissions. ✅4. They have been around for four
    years doing this offline. They've done no internet marketing
    at all on this. ✅5. You can get started for as low as $89.00 up
    to $12k (low to high ticket). ✅6. Every time a team member
    makes a commission, you also make a commission. i.e.: Say
    you make a $2500 sale. You get $1000, your referrer receives
    $400, the company makes $1100. You get paid six different
    ways. ✅7. Here is the kicker: They guarantee you will

    make money in 90 days, or you get your money back!

    You want results, don't you? A number of our
    team members are getting remarkable results.

  • A 78-year-old grandma on Social Security

    makes six-figures in 90 days! Her message:
    "If I can be this successful so can YOU!"

    Get started today—so you too can be well on your way.

    If you think the above story is a fluke, then keep

    scrolling down, because we have a lot more
    testimonials from other team members...

  • In this section, a few of our team
    members share their success stories.

    I think you will find taking a few minutes
    to watch these videos is time well spent.

    "It made a lot of sense to me that they

    already knew what they were doing."

    "It just made sense to me with them willing to

    finance the first mailer...I've never seen that."

    "All the components I was looking for.

    I knew I could help a lot of people."

    We now get to travel across the globe.

    "In the last month, we've made over $70,000!"

    We were struggling, but now we make more

    than enough to do what we love: travel.

    "My first day was $500, my next day

    was $700, my next day was $1000..."

    "It sets somebody up for complete no risk."

    "I haven't been in it that long. I'm

    now getting multiple packages a day."

    "I did my due diligence..."

    "This is better than anything I've promoted in

    10 years—as far as the people being interested"

    "Everybody is interested, I don't even

    have to explain anything to them."

    "We're all about helping people

    make moneythat's it."

    "My first package party was yesterday, was a huge success."

    "I had about 12 to 13 packages—that's my very first week."

    "I did my due diligence."

    "I called and asked a whole bunch of questions.

    Karen didn't really have to answer anything."

    "You don't have to sell anything.

    This is what this is: this letter."

    "I've never seen people duplicate

    in two weeks in my experience."

    "40 packages in last 2 days, it gets insane!"

    "This is the fastest way for you to succeed."

  • Download The Letter

    You may want to print it out to review thoroughly.

    FYI, it's an easy read.

  • How It Works

    Follow these easy steps:


    Take the time to read the 6-page letter.

    You can also learn even more details online on their website.


    Call or email if you have any questions or concerns.

    Remember, the company offers an iron-clad, 90-day, money-back guarantee.


    Call the company if you're joining at level 2 or above.

    It's best to send all payments with a tracking number.


    Make 4 copies (one for your records) of page 6.

    Send the appropriate payment—along with page 6—to each person or entity you see in boxes 1, 2 and 3.

  • Do you want bigger results faster?

    This is optional—if you can afford it—but highly recommended.
    Especially if you're starting at levels 1 through 4. Levels 5
    and 6 already come with an additional 500 & 1500 letters.

    Reach more buyers without lifting a finger!

    You'll see three red check boxes on page 6 where you check
    off to order additional letters sent by the company.


    You will add the amount you choose to the payment you
    will be sending to the company. This gives you the advantage
    of reaching more people sooner. The more people you reach,
    the more you can potentially make, sooner rather than later.
    These are people being marketed to with the letter who are
    sold to on your behalf
    so don't have to lift a finger!


  • Need Help With Anything?

    Call our friendly staff at: 844-339-4999
    Monday-Friday 10am-3:30pm CST

    Or send an email anytime (24/7):

    Company website:

    Enter passcode: 12340


    If you live anywhere in the USA or Canada
    then you're welcome to join as a member.

    Do you have questions the company

    can't answer, want feedback from

    your referrer or want to know what

    other payment options are allowed

    by QBM LLC? Send a text to:

    Or send an email to: